Sony Savant, Gary Friedman, has launched his new book (the "platinum owner's manual" -my advertising construct) for the Sony RX10iv.


I'm supplying the link but am not directly involved nor harvesting affiliate cash. I've always found Gary's books to be well done, logical and easy to read. He's a clear voice in the photo world who seems capable of mastering any camera Sony can throw at him.

If you have an RX10iv and you'd like a very good tutorial this might be the right book for you.

WARNING: He quotes the nefarious Kirk Tuck in the introduction......

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  1. Hmm, maybe I should re-engineer my camera kit to this:

    1) RX10iv ... sports, travel

    2) RX100 flavor ... lightweight kit for when I want something nicer than my iPhone

    3) A7 (the one that's under $1000!) + 50mm and 85mm ... for portraits and delicious bokeh

    I think this would meet all of my family photojournalist needs.


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