What a glorious Fall day in Austin, Texas. What better way to celebrate than with a noon swim?


Today is my second official day off since returning from Vancouver. I've been working on pre and post production on a number of projects and yesterday and today were the first in a while with no work obligations whatsoever. And both days have been beautiful.

The temperature peaked at around 82° this afternoon and that was just right after what seemed like weeks of cold, wet, gray weather. 

I got up this morning and walked with the transplendent art director. We did our usual hike through the nearby hills. Home an hour later for coffee and food. And then I poked around the house looking for stuff to fix or stuff the fixing of which needs to be delegated to trained professionals. I'm having a new main water shutoff valve installed next week and I have some masonry work I need to get done. The periphery walls are not going to repair themselves. 

But top of my list was making it to the noon swim practice. The water was a cool 80°. The air temp. was a delicious 82°. Karen was our coach and she wrote a great workout for us. I substituted backstroke for freestyle on as many of the sets as I could so I could watch the puffy clouds float leisurely across the sky. 

It was one of those late November days when you could still wear your Birkenstock sandals without soaks and not freeze your toes. T-shirts were de rigueur and a pair of short pants would not be a bad choice. 

Attendance was light but there was one masters swimmer in each lane and sometimes that's nice too.

We've got the good weather until 10 or so tonight and then the next front moves through. Highs tomorrow in the 50s but fully loaded with sunshine. That perfect moment between our extended Summer and the onset of Winter. A nice day for a swim outside.

(the flags across the pool are backstroke flags. They exist at a precise distance from each end of the pool so backstrokers know when the wall is coming. Experienced backstrokers can count the number of strokes from the flags to the walls with high accuracy. Bashing one's head against the wall is a quick way to learn).


Timothy Gray said...

Kirk,you certainly have a picturesque place to swim! We've been blessed with faily mild temps here in the Midwest too, although the pools here have been closed since Labor Day. I'm sure we'll be singing a different tune come January/February, but for now, let's all carpe diem and get outside!

Kirk, Photographer/Writer said...

Outside. Heated or chilled. Always 80-82°. Always clean and lovely. 365 days a year (minus Mondays. Closed on Mondays).

we get outside all Winter and all Summer. Close to heaven...

Dick Barbour said...

Well, those two days were nice but since then: meh!

Kirk, Photographer/Writer said...

Pool heater broke. One day of cool water. Heater promptly replaced. Today the water was too hot. Tomorrow it should be perfect. No meh. Gray weather but happy pool.