Damn. Last day in Berlin.

I stayed an extra day so I could really see the city. On foot, with no guides, no bus and no entourage. Just the way the photo gods intended. God, what a gorgeous, wonderful and friendly city.... Goodbye Austin, I'd move here tomorrow if I could......maybe I can.......hmmmmmmmm.

All taken with the Samsung Galaxy NX camera. Uploaded straight from the camera. No post processing possible. See you Monday ......


  1. Glad to see that you feel that way about Berlin. It echo's my feelings when I visited there.

  2. wait until winter when it will be a bit colder than Austin & see if you feel the same ...

  3. If Paris can do, I'll switch with you in a heartbeat ;)

  4. I love Berlin but I'm not so sure you could handle the grey, cold, damp winters.

  5. Ahhhh, I live in the next-door country and others have beaten me to it in mentioning the delightful Winters. Cold and wet enough to be un-fun, but warm and wet enough to not be sparkling! But Berlin is a great city, I do agree.

  6. That's because you know Austin too well and Berlin not well enough.

  7. i KNEW you would have loved that city, who wouldn't?

    did you make to Diener's, the old Helmut Newton hangout by chance?

    winter can in fact be borderline brutal up there, but it still beats Texas hands down - sorry, it is just a fact!
    one really needs to live in a place to get to know it, but that is one city where many people could fit right in without too much trouble.
    of course, THE perfect place does not exist, obviously, and there is no such thing as 'the best place/city/country in the world'.
    as far as cities go, Berlin rates pretty high on the scale.

    glad to hear you had a great time.

  8. And I frequent an area in Texas not far north of Austin, and have family who live there, and know all too well the un-pleasures' of a Continental Climate, winter and summer. I'd give Berlin a whirl.

  9. Try Cologne (grew up and lived there for 35 years), Hamburg (visited briefly), or Munich (lived in its vicinity for a while) before you decide. Of those three, I'd choose Munich (or the surroundings) in a heartbeat, but the much bigger rivers which run through the other two also have their charm. But from Munich, it's an hour to get to the Alps, so there you have it all.

  10. Kirk, in your final comment, you mention these photos were uploaded directly from the camera with "no post processing possible". I thought Samsung were marketing one of the advantages of the Galaxy cameras that you can use Android applications to edit your photos! In see in earlier posts you mention the ability to upload photos to cloud storage services, but I am curious why you think this feature is unqiue to this camera? I haven't owned a camera with wi-fi, but assumed they too would allow upload to other sotrage services - without the need for Android and all the associated expense. You also mentioned the NX Galaxy would make a good studio camera (because you were having issues with it's slow operational speed) - but in what way is it a better studio camera than the much cheaper Samsung NX300? And lastly, you have not made any reference to how well you got on with a camera controlled entirely by touch screen, without any external controls apart from a shutter release and a thrumb wheel? I'm really interested in your comments, since in my limited experience of touch screen control, I cannot image how it would work with a viewfinder camera - how on each can you change settings using the screen rather than buttons, when the camera is held to the eye?

  11. Explanations will start to flow tomorrow. Kirk

  12. Kirk,
    So many of the places and monuments you photographed are, in a very recognizable way, in my own shutter therapy records (to borrow Robin's phrase). Berlin is a city to fall in love with.
    I know it on and off from the mid 80's and it is somewhere we like to spend a fair bit of time. Culturally, there's just so much on, and the space, the friendly approachable people... We're really not city people, but this place has stolen our hearts.
    Next time you go (you will be back?) there are plenty of microbreweries / brewpubs for you, even if you were allegedly not going for the beer, including one called Heidenpeters in a great food hall Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg which, as a hobby brewer, I found great to visit and chat with. And jazz cafes...
    On your next trip, if possible, see if you can make a detour to Magdeburg: the Hundertwasserhaus will blow your mind and your camera :-)


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