One more image before I quit for the day.....

Dusk.  We were eating outside at fabulous restaurant called The Refugium when I noticed magic hour had arrived. I excused myself from the table to take a few snaps.

Samsung Galaxy NX with the smallish 30mm f2.


  1. Since you have the Samsung management in front of you, could you please ask them how they justify the price tag of the Galaxy NX with $1,600 for the body only and $1,700 bundled with an 18-55mm lens?

  2. Ah ah ah... good luck selling at those prices

  3. if they offer the Galaxy NX with an 85mm NX bundle, these would sell like crazy. bundle it with a 60mm NX macro seems much encouraging or a Galaxy NX with the 45mm and 60mm bundle and they would put the Samsung in the map as a serious camera tool.

  4. What if the lenses are as good as leica's? I just said "what if...."

    1. good question. but I think Leica already got that reputation centuries ago. the hard sell part is the cost for something like samsung as a budding camera brand. I think samsung needs more people like you Kirk to spread the word. on the otherhand, for some reason, I feel that Samsung is gaining ground due to their latest nx cameras this year. I haven't seen this much interest in the system eversince it came out a few years ago. even their previous NX iterations seem to be getting some interest, but maybe the large part of it is because of the great feedback and reviews on their newer cameras. anyway, are you going to review the 85mm as well?


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