Magic Lamps. Piss colored backgrounds.

Sometimes, during a long shooting day on location, I find myself looking for images just to please myself. Things the client usually won't want. Things that have a form and color combination that makes them a bit surreal. Or hyper-real. I was at a company that machines all sorts of things. I was shooting mostly scenes from their production floor. There is a transparent, yellow, plastic curtain that separates two areas to contain dust. This light sits on our side of the curtain and is lit by a mix of daylight and fluorescent lights. I was intrigued by it and returned again and again to try to make better images.

It was shot with a Nikon D610 equipped with the old, push-pull 80-200mm f2.8 lens. I used the lens at 80mm and the combination of camera and lens were stabilized on a wooden tripod.

It is available (of course) as a 24x36 inch archival print for $12,000. The edition of these prints is limited to 100,001. We will honor your check.

You'll enjoy owning this piece. It has its own insouciant effervescence


  1. Have you been reading about ridiculously priced photo sales at art auctions Kirk?

  2. Can I get one in an ultra print?

  3. To Jim, "Duh!" I'm just getting in line for my share!!!

    To Anonymous: That's someone else's trademarked prints. Mine are Gargantuan Prints. Can I put you on my gallery list?

  4. Kirk: would you offer a discount if I ordered a dozen or more?? :-)

  5. Would you accept $23,000 for 2?

  6. To Aanonymous and Anonymous --- yes and yes.


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