A Dial That Measures Your Ennui.

This is the second in my limited edition, "Industrial Art Meditation" series of photographs. For some mystical reason I can only print this image very large. I call the process "Struth-ification" and it means that prints are wildly, ruinously expensive. If you are interested in owning one of the 10 x 15 foot images for your country home or ski residence please send along your banking details and we'll arrange an understanding....

Ah. The magic of machined metal. 


  1. "Ah. The magic of machined metal." Part of my love of photography is the magic of machined metal. I may use digital for the ease and capabilities of image capturing, but my heart still yearns for Leica M4's and Nikon F2's and Mamiya RB67's, et al. Wasn't nostalgia once considered a diagnosed mental illness?

  2. Having once worked in a machine shop, and now having a job where I visit a variety of manufacturers here in the USA where machines and knobs like this can still be found, I find this image to be pure magic.


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