After nearly two months of constant rain and cloudy skies I am overdoing it with post processing in an ill advised attempt to make up for lost time with dramatic renditions of SKY!!!

I know I am overdoing it. I know I should lay off the "dramatic" filter and the "structure" filter in Snapseed but I've lived through so many gray skies that I just want to make up for lost time and create my own version of giant, Texas skies. I'll get over it. I swear! 


Frank Grygier said...

The Graffiti Wasll cimnes to life!

Kirk Tuck said...

Auto correct?

Anonymous said...

You could sell those at any "art fair" where photos that are not
over processed don't stand a chance at being noticed. Hmmm..$2500.00
ea, framed. Whada deal.