Two shots from my Sunday walk, juxtaposed for color contrast.

Okay. So in my usual hyperbolic enthusiasm I got carried away with the fz 1000. Then, on corporate shoot I figured out that the camera does have a few limitations. But then I picked it up today and realized that it's still as fun to shoot as I first imagined. It can be wickedly sharp and at the same time subversively understated.

I have been using it as a single focal length camera. Let me explain. There's a setting in the menu that allows you to set the camera's zooming mechanism to stop at each marked focal length. Additionally you can program the camera to return to the last zoomed focal length when you turn it on. I can set the camera at a 50mm equivalent, turn the power off, and then five minutes or five hours later, come back and turn the camera on and it will go straight to 50mm. Or whatever you last shot.

I like all this and think it's very cool.  I have also turned the LCD finder around to face the body so I don't both pre-chimp and post chimp. That's a time and attention saver, to be sure.

The camera shoots a bit flash and a bit low on saturation. I like to think it's doing some fancy and very beneficial S-Log thing like the S-Log my video friends rave about in their professional video cameras. Whatever the reality is a few minutes of play in SnapSeed and I end up with files that I love. And files that look like they have significant dynamic range.

I might have mentioned that I initially liked the fz 1000 so much I bought a second one. Now I'm glad I did because I'm going to pack it for a road trip and its twin IS the perfect backup.

Hope your week is starting well. I'm busy as  hummingbird on coffee. Stay tuned.


MO said...

tip off the day. zoom resume! only thing that got in the way on my lx 100. thanks for sharing.

steven willard said...

Don't you just love Snapseed? It will never completely replace PS but it's amazing what one can do with it and a few other apps, like PS Express which is great for sharpening and noise reduction in particular.

Clannad said...

A second FZ1000? Think of all the starving photographers in those first world countries. :)

At least you'd now be able to use both bodies set at separate focal lengths.

scott said...

The big zoom ring around the lens of the Canon S110 (as opposed to the little lever around the shutter button) quickly zooms to settings of 24, 28, 35, 50, 85, and 120 (equiv.). This is a great feature that I use often.