Done about 16 years ago in a primitive version of PhotoShop. One with no layers and no undo...

I sent it out as a holiday card.
The response was wonderful.
I still have a copy on my desk. 
At nearly 18 the boy is as angelic (for the most part) 
as he was then.

I included this in a new program I'm working on 
about photographing your family.

It's all fun.


  1. Sorry for the Flickresque comment but anyway: Love this!

  2. Kirk, thanks so much for sharing these pictures of your son. My son is now getting near 3 years old and I love seeing the images of your son growing up becoming a man. It makes you realize how fleeting our lives are. What is beautiful about photography is that it not only allows you to think back and remember how things were, but to look forward at what is to come.

  3. Family photo project ?? Now you got my full, undivided attention. I'm all ears...

  4. Kirk, can you give us (me) details on the program you're working on? Thanks!


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