Phoning it in.

I'm in Denver working on camera as an instructor for Craftsy.com this week. I got here on Weds. and I'll be here until Thurs. morning. Teaching photography this way is fun and rewarding. I love the process and every time I do a class on the opposite side of the camera (the talent side) I learn more about the art of making great video and I get to be on the receiving end of good direction. I'm paying attention to the work done by a great camera crew and learning the fine points of gracefully transitioning between scenes. 

In the evenings, after a twelve hour day, I come back to my hotel, have dinner and try to chill out. I was looking at the photographs on my iPhone this evening and I found this one of Belinda that I'd taken at the W Hotel during some party or celebration last year. I know it's just "phoning it in" but I enjoyed having a forgotten photograph of my wonderful wife turn up out of nowhere. Makes me realize how lucky I am.

And I feel lucky in my career as well. The people at Craftsy.com are reminding me that I'm sharing thirty years of valuable experience with a whole new generation of image makers and that feels great. 

So, a week in Berlin then a week in Denver. At the end of the month of October I'll be spending the better part of a week at the Photo Plus Show in NYC. I guess the industry is not slowing down as quickly as rumor would have it. That's okay with me. I'm having the time of my life.


wjl (Wolfgang Lonien) said...

A wonderful photo Kirk - phone or not, that doesn't matter one tiny bit.

EZ said...

Those eyes... Oh my, those eyes. Beautiful!

EZ said...
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John Lucia said...

I was actually in Denver this past week myself, by chance overlapping with your workshop. I had all intentions of playing extreme fanboy and attending the workshop more or less just so I could meet you (you've been an enormous motivational influence in getting my own photography business off the ground in the past 2 years). Alas, the opportunity was missed when I managed to completely destroy my leg falling down while on the top of Pike's Peak and discovering the hard way that a 10,000 foot altitude change really makes swelling unbearable, so whoops there. Here's to hoping I get another chance opportunity in the future to attend a workshop of yours and learn from your workflow (else I guess I'll just have to seek you out the next time you're within a day's drive). :P

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo of Belinda. And you have a good life, sometimes hard but for sure interesting. As a simple amateur I can only thank you for sharing your thoughts and your ideas. VSL helps in keeping me motivated when it seems I'll be not able to reach the goals I proposed for myself and maybe I only need to work harder! Grazie