Learning to love reading. That was a special year.

Now he's meeting with colleges and trying to make up his mind about where to go off to school.
That was a fast few years.

Leica M6, Summilux 50mm 1.4. Neopan 400.


Old Gray Roy said...

Kirk - clearly captured in the words of a song.

"Where are you going my little one, little one,
where are you going my baby, my own?
Turn around and you're 2, turn around and you're 4,
turn around and you're a young man headed out of the door".

I have a son your age, 2 daughters slightly younger, and my comment is the same as yours. That was a fast few years.

Claire said...

Oh geez that is so precious. You have posted many pictures of Ben in the past but this one might be the youngest I've seen him. Amazing and priceless. And yes time flies in an insane way. I can't believe the baby I gave birth to last month is turning 5 this week end...

Unknown said...

Never hesitate to record your closest and precious!
Time goes so fast..My kids now parents..
Time getting faster and faster,
the months,the years flash by.
Someone asked "How fast are you traveling?"
"Terminal velocity".
What a simple, beautiful photograph..

Anonymous said...

time does fly so, so fast. Mine is in college, but seems just like yesterday I was changing diapers. You've posted great pictures of yours. Pictures are a way for us to remember, My regret is I ddn't take as many of mine as I would have liked.


Ron Nabity said...

In a flash, they grow up.

My sons are 29 and 30, both married to wonderful women and well on their ways in their own lives in new cities. Last week the three of us played golf together and it was like we had gone back 15 years in time. Goofing off, laughing, cheering each other on...fun times.

As much as things change, the important parts stay the same.

Congratulations on the good things in life, Kirk.

Maximilian Kellner said...

Sometimes, Mr. Tuck, I feel like for your personal work you maybe should switch back to your old hasselblads and leicas. The hasselblad made pictures of your wife were the hook that made me a regular visitor of your site two or three years ago.

Stephen S. Mack said...

Our granddaughter devours books. Her mother published this imaginary exchange between a mother and a daughter who likes to read.

Daughter: I'm going to finish my book tonight.

Mother: It's 600 pages and you just bought it.

Daughter: You underestimate my powers.

With best regards. Stephen S. Mack