Flare? We don't care about flare. In fact, I'm starting to search for it wherever I can find it.

I was kinda sad I couldn't make this sunspot reflection flare more yesterday. I was doing everything "wrong" so I presumed that all the unnecessary perfection of the system would break. I had on an ancient, wide angle lens. I had a cheap polarizer on top of that and I put the direct reflection of the sun up on the top 1/3 of the frame. Still no drama.

My goals for the month? More flare. More stuff that's crazy backlit. And tons more black and white.

I'm so over technically perfect images...


  1. Want flare? You want a Lensbaby fisheye. They polish the inside of the barrel. It's a great toy if you want to just kind of lie back and roll around in the flare and distortion.

  2. When I took my first few shots with my new Sony Cybershot way back when, I realized that anybody could now do a perfect photo - and I became more and more disinterested in technically perfect photos!


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