Noellia on the new sectional couch. Nikon 85mm f1.8. Some groovy processing just for fun.

Hey! Noellia! If you happen to stumble across this photo go ahead and click on the link below so you can see the Cantine video that James and I did, okay?


The Craftsy Educational Promotion Continues: 

 I've been a Craftsy.com instructor now for several years and I think their courses are well done and a good deal. Once you buy a class at Craftsy.com you can go back and review it over and over again. You can pause it, watch parts of it again, and even send the actual instructors direct questions on a course forum. You'll get real answers from the people who are teaching the courses, generally in a day.

When I first started watching the Craftsy.com courses I only watched photography programs. Since then I've branched out into the cooking programs and I had a great time learning how to make chocolate croissants. And then sauces. And then bread.....

There are lots of craft courses that other people in your house might like. They include subjects like: Painting, gardening and even course on making better pizzas. I think the courses also make great gifts for people who are really into their hobbies.

Clicking on the Craftsy link here takes you to the site and also gives me a small commission which has no effect on the price of your classes. But it does help support my coffee habit and keeps me writing new stuff. And by the way, we've just crested the 2500 article milestone for the Visual Science Lab. I'll celebrate over the weekend.....

Check out Craftsy.com. Every class has an intro video you can watch before you decide whether you want to buy it. Wouldn't hurt to take a look....

Hey! Go watch my Cantine Video. Shot with Olympus OMD EM5.2 cameras. You'll like it.

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David Zivic said...

I have a Nikon 85mm f1.8 and really like it. Mine is older and I found it in a pawn shop here in Cabo San Lucas and really enjoy using it. Before buying it I googled it and found it was used by David Hemmings in the old movie "Blow up" and in fact has a cult following. I had to have the back ring milled to do an aftermarket AI so it would work on my F3. I shoot a roll of black and white with it every year. I also have an Emount adapter that allowed me to use it on my Sony A7r, but I recently sold that and on my Sony A6000 it of course becomes 127.5mm. Still a nice length, but not the same. I have a Zeiss 55mm that I use on my A6000 and it becomes 82.5mm...similar length and a great lens, but not the same. In my opinion (older) Nikon glass can't fully utilize 36mp anyways. Any thoughts there Obe Wan ?