Some days you just have to put on your hard hat, your steel-toed shoes and your safety glasses and go photograph bucket trucks. Hey, you might get lucky and get a magazine cover. Sorry, no supermodels today.

I can retire now. I've finally gotten the cover of American Cranes and Transport Magazine. 

All kidding aside it's fun to show images from actual client shoots. We spent three hours on the location and did lots of different stuff. This was a quick shot done for the magazine's art director who just happened to be at the location that day.  Apparently the September cover is an especially good thing to have because they print extras and incorporate a tradeshow guide inside for the big truck/crane show in Louisville.....Score.


theaterculture said...

In the very, very early days of digital editing I studied with an industrial photographer/videographer who said secret to earning a good living was to know that there's a German magazine for every fetish, and an American trade-association magazine for every piece of industrial equipment. I imagine that the internet has probably killed more than a few of the former; glad to see that the later are still alive and craning!

Nicolas Woollaston said...

I presume it was the mag that rotated it to that unlevel state. The kind of thing that irritates me when i hand over a perfectly good image to someone else who then butchers it.