I like what fast 85mm lenses do to the backgrounds in photographs.

This is shot either wide open at f1.8 or 1/3rd of a stop down at f2.0. It was taken with the Nikon 85mm f1.8G lens. I have come to really like this lens because it seems to perform well at every aperture. The model is Noellia. She has been working with me on commercial shoots and books for nearly 12 years. The location is the long hall in my house in Austin, Texas.

It might not be a style you appreciate but it's one I've liked since I first took up photography.

It's fun to make portraits like this.


Peter F. said...

When you write "style", Kirk, did you mean focusing on the closer eye? Or, is it about the composition or light? Thanks. Peter

Kirk Tuck said...

Yes. Or whatever I wrote in the headline. Is it cooler to have both eyes sharp?

Peter F. said...

Hi Kirk, Thanks that is what I thought. As to one eye or two in focus, I have not idea which is cooler, as I'm still working on my own "style" haha. Fortunately, as a hobby shooter, I can do whatever pleases me... thank goodness. On my a6000 with 50mm F1.8 (FF=75) I just set at F2 and aim for the eyes/face. I don't have the equipment to get shallower and that's okay with me.

Peter F.