My Favorite V-Logger, James Popsys, Makes an Incredibly Sensible Program About Becoming a Better Photographer.

I took a day off from Photography so I could go out and photograph.

Here's is what Mr. Popsys has to say....

I think he is smart, funny and fresh. 
I love his accent; I wonder if it is really or
if he is secretly from Dallas or somewhere like that.
He may not be your cup of tea but....

He's certainly "safe for the workplace."


David Corney said...

I can confirm that the accent is genuine, as he is from the same area of the UK as me. I ordered his book last night. Not sure how long it will take to get to Austin, but it will be interesting to look at.

If you have not done so already, take a look at Thomas Heaton's channel, Kirk. Here is one of his videos:


Kirk Tuck said...

David, thanks for letting me know; that bit on my side was meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek. I have looked at Thomas Heaton's channel and I do admire some of his landscape work I am far more amused and, in fact motivated to photograph, by the modest charm of Mr. Popsys. Thanks for letting me know. I can presume, since you ordered his book, that you are a fan as well. I can't wait to meet both of you. I may take a trip just to see your interesting geography -- but probably not in the dead of winter.

Mitch said...

Man, post that video to every gear forum. Studying journalism in college then securing a job as a full time photojournalist, I had the good luck to spend some time learning stuff in school. Then my first day on a newspaper staff I was handed 3 assignments and a map. Some days were 14 assignment days. Some weeks were normal. Some weeks were 100 hours. And I shot and shot and shot. And after about 4 years of this, I felt a change. An ability to say "I want this" and to be able to go get it.

The scariest thing about leaving my full time job a long time ago was that first corporate assignment. I hadn't shot anything in over a month and it felt profoundly weird. Like I'd been training for the Olympics then suddenly stopped and sat on the couch eating ice cream then had to suddenly go compete again.

He really hits the numbers-concept dead on. And shooting, shooting, shooting really is the best thing to do for your art and your career. Even if a lot of it is just for you and gets deleted.

David Corney said...

Seeing me requires nothing more than a trip into Austin. I did spot you in Precision Camera once. You were salivating over a piece of equipment, so I decided not to disturb you ;-) On our last trip to the UK I was accused of acquiring an American lilt to my English accent. 20 years of living in Austin does that to you, I suppose.

Go to the UK and get out of London. The north of England is a wonderful place to visit. I am getting home sick just writing this.

Another British vlogger who I follow, Sean Tucker. Different style from, James, but he focuses on photography, and that is what motivates me.