Walk with toys.

 I'd heard the Jpeg engine in the Sony SLT a77 was bad.  Almost unusable so of course I wanted to try it out for myself.  I also tried all the toys.  Like the DRO, the in camera HDR and my old favorite, the Multi-Frame Noise Reduction.  Seems okay to me.  But then I'm not a forum professional.  All shot at 12 megs, Jpeg, Super-Fine.

 SLT. in camera HDR.

 Sony SLT, 50mm 1.8, ISO 25,000.

 Sony SLT, 50mm 1.8, 3 Stop in camera HDR.



  1. Only Trey Ratliff really gets HDR. The rest of us just blend layers to get a bit more dynamic range. Technicolor vomit is the phrase that comes to mind. But guru, Andy, has shown me that it doesn't have to be overdone. If you can tell then it's too much. If you like the photo but you can't tell then it was just enough. Trey's stuff always looks like I just had strong coffee and too many drugs. It's an acquired taste. I'm glad he's making a fortune with it right now.

  2. "I'd heard the Jpeg engine in the Sony SLT a77 was bad."

    Who are you gonna believe: the DPReview Forum, or your lyin' eyes?

  3. Quite impressive. I'm surprised to find I like the in-camera HDR (at least I like it the way you use it). The rendering of the glass flowers and the oranges is really lovely, and the balance of light and shadow detail in the flowers is very nice. And I'm so glad you're not a "forum professional"!


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