I like making my quick black and white conversions in SnapSeed.

It's quick and efficient and I can add in some grain as well as some "structure" to my files. I don't have a workflow. I just jump in and look at what I can get using the color filter presets and the three sliders. I love a crisp black and a higher value skin tone. Generally, it takes about a minute to get everything the way I want it. Quicker than opening up Photo Shop and doing it in there. The trade off is that PS has more controls and more fine-tune-ability.

SnapSeed is my favorite "cheap" app. It's playful.


  1. Kirk, I'm also a big fan of Snapseed, and as a jpeg shooter, it's an excellent B&W converter as well.

  2. I downloaded a trial version. B&W conversions look promising.

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  4. It's an excellent app. I use an RX100 and do most PP on my iPad using SnapSeed, the drama filter really adds punch but it best applied at less that the rather strong default intensity.


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