Projection, reflection.

I was all packed up to spend my afternoon walking around Austin, making photographs with a Sony Nex 7 and a small bag full of interesting lenses and adapters.  I stopped by my favorite sandwich shop for a tuna sandwich on whole wheat with jalapeƱos and cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes.  In the early afternoon the over head sunlight bounced off the windshields of the vehicles parked out front and projected all the lettering from the windows onto the ceiling of the shop. I liked this very much.  So I took a photo with the Sony and a 40mm 1.4 Olympus Pen F lens.  I set the camera to black and white.  Being the nerd that I am I will admit that I looked at the file at 100% just to make sure I could see all the crisp detail in the acoustic tiles. Then I headed out for a long, hot stroll...

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RocketRick said...

But.... Comic Sans?!

(Aside from that typographic assault on our senses, this is quite a cool shot.)