Long week. Taking a visual break from corporate...

It's been a wild work week. There was a photographer visiting from D.C. We had coffee at Caffe Medici on Sunday and lunch at El Azteca on Thursday. Still getting used to the cultural differences between the hard charging, brusk, brisk east coast and the laid back center of the universe called Austin...

I did my first job for Blackberry this week, did post production on a job for an architectural firm, gave a lecture to photography students at a local college, started in on my taxes, started and stopped on a project for a semiconductor company, did some pre-production on a food project and a project for a cardiology practice, swam, ate sushi, BBQ, Tex-Mex, New World Latino, and a Texas Tuna sandwich at Thundercloud's. (A Texas Tuna has guacamole and chopped jalapeƱos along with the tuna...). Started the week out with a nice steak at the Four Seasons. Finished the week warming up vegetarian chili we had in the freezer.

Now I just want to play with images that I like. And I'm not answering the phone for anyone who doesn't already have a ring tone programmed into my phone. And believe me, that's a very small circle...

I have a new lens I want to play with and after swim practice tomorrow and Sunday that's all that's on my agenda.

If you work as a professional image maker I think it's important to step away from work and do stuff that you really like on a regular basis. I've been going back and forth between post processing the image above and re-reading my favorite book, The Gates of Fire, by Stephen Pressfield.

The image above is Selena. Shot with a Canon 1dsmk2 and a Carl Zeiss 85mm 1.4 at Willie Nelson's ranch. Post processed in SnapSeed.

How much post processing is too much? When it starts to bug me I know I've gone a bit too far. But it's like soup; you get to salt to taste.


  1. Can you show us anything from the Blackberry shoot? I live about an hour from the Blackberry centre of the universe (note the spelling of "centre") and news of Blackberry's resurrection is always of interest. There are a lot of good jobs depending on Blackberry's success. It would be nice to know that your work had something to do with BB's attempt to rise from the ashes/death.

    1. Not right now. Embargoed until used in public. Sorry, even this biz has rules.

  2. The hell with Blackberry, that's an incredible photo!!!


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