What's For Dessert?

Maybe a chocolate mousse with a couple chocolate truffles.

This is a small part of a bigger shot. The bigger shot was just fine but I liked this section more than I liked the whole thing so I cropped. I made this photograph for Garrido's Restaurant about a month ago. It was lit with LED lights and a Sony a99 camera equipped with a 70-200mm f2.8 Sony lens. I wish I had the time that day to make a comparison shot with the Sony Nex 7 and the same lens, equalizing the angle of view to compensate for the difference in sensor size.

Of course, whenever I order dessert I'm generally pretty happy with what I get but I always wonder if the other desserts that I passed up in making my choice might have been even better. 

I wonder what the analogy to chocolate is in still photography...


  1. The thing about food is the longer you go without eating the more you want to eat and the more delicious it is when you get it. Kind of like Gear Acquisition Syndrome. What's chocolate? Hmm. I suggest a delicious old lens from the good old days of chemical photography.

  2. Chocolate is consumed, in many ways, in many recipes . . . it must be film, surely ??

  3. Could you please explain why you want such a narrow depth of field for this subject. (A subjective answer will be just fine.)

  4. I guess it was maybe somewhere on your blog, but what LED do you use for things like this? I mean specific model/manufacturer. Not sure I will be able to get it in EU, but I would like to try. Im bit lost in this area..

    Thank you for answer. :)

  5. Have you tried Speed Booster on your NEX-7? It's sent my 5DMKII into semi-retirement.

    1. Cool. I'll see if I can get my hands on one.

  6. Interesting how chocolatey the background looks too. Just might have to stop at our one decent ice cream shop today.

  7. I wonder what the analogy to chocolate is in still photography...

    Film. As I read somewhere (perhaps here), explaining the joys of shooting film to someone who has never done it, is like trying to describe chocolate to someone who has never tasted it.

  8. Nice analogy. I suppose I have bought a few desserts that I would have traded in, once I saw them on the plate. I certainly have eaten a few and then blamed the dessert for my continuing appetite. "Maybe..." (I think to myself) "If I just buy a bigger dessert with more features, it will improve the quality of pictures I take. (Sorry, the analogy fell apart there.)

    Whenever I buy a car, I always enjoy it for a few days, then sell it and go out and buy a slightly different car with slightly different features. So far, none of them have yet made me a better driver.


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