Ultimate Lighting Minimalism.

Come to my "One Light" workshop.
We'll start at Lowe's Hardware Store
Where we'll buy four under the cabinet
fluorescent light fixtures for $12 each.
Then we'll buy some packing tape to tape 
them all together with.
We'll add a bungy cord to 
anchor them on the fence post
"light stand."

Then we'll take a picture,
pat each other on the back 
and go home.

And the whole time we'll wander why 
the hell we just did that when we 
have a ton of lights on the shelf just
to the left.


  1. For the hyper-literal: Sorry, not offering any lighting workshops right now.

  2. Damn. . . I had just whipped out my checkbook. . . ;-)

  3. "And the whole time we'll wander why the hell we just did that..." Aaaand why not? Another flavour for the light cookbook ; )

  4. Hey, thats actually good idea. :D

    Did something similar recently, tried how much is possible with exactly one "eco" lightbulb (daylight kind). Suprisingly a lot. If one can shoot either at high ISO or manage to have very still model. :)

    1. I obviously have a highly disciplined model...

  5. You keep passing up these opportunities for profit. Fair enough, but don't blame us next time you see some random camera store fanboy charging $500 for a one-day workshop on the creative use of packing tape and work lights.

  6. The biggest "eco" compact fluorescent I've been able to find is 100 watts. It does need a GES (giant Edison screw) fitting. It's supposed to the equivalent of about 600 watts of tungsten, but with a higher colour temp. I can do as much with that as I used to be able to do with a photoflood (remember them?), & it lasts a hell of a lot longer!

  7. Maybe you wanted to do it because flo-tubes are STILL make far more lumens per watt and still have a fuller spectrum of light than LED's :)

    Nah...you just wanted to stick it to the man and go DIY.


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