500px just introduced some more template styles.

I'm trying out the one that does full screen images. Check it out and tell me what you think of the presentation: http://kirktuck.500px.com/beauty

Click anywhere on the images at the 500px portfolios to make the overlying type go away. Let me know what you think...


  1. Very nice, tho I had to read that "click the overlay away" twice. I'm getting old... ;-)

    That's a great kind of "portfolio" you have there, from the early Belinda and girl in Rome photos to the newer cute assistant and friends ones.

  2. Looks very nice - I like it.

    With the recent changes to flickr, I've been considering a change to 500px. One of my complaints about the new-flickr is the fact that it is more bandwidth intensive. Living in a rural area with expensive wireless connectivity, this is something that I have to watch.When I looked at this page, the image appeared almost instantly, but it was several seconds later that I noticed my download monitor was maxed out, downloading 'who knows what'. By the time I stopped it, I had downloaded almost 20 Mb. I won't be doing that again.

  3. I think it depends upon your intended use.

    The full screen view with click-away type is great for viewing photos with minimal -- even zero -- distraction. Fine for personal stuff.

    Despite my distaste for the crass and commercial, I think this same format suppresses your ID info to the point of working against you as a professional.

    1. I use the galleries, linked through my regular website, as quick portfolios. The client is coming from my site so I don't think the ID invisibility is so problematic...

  4. i like it, but wish the NEXT arrows were in the middle, not the bottom... tiny whine :) lol

  5. I really like it, looks like a great way to display your work. But if you didn't tell me to click to get rid of the words, I wouldn't have known. Not sure if there's a way to give that hint to people.

  6. Kirk do you have any thoughts about using them as a sales platform? I'm seriously considering upgrading my Smugmug, looking at Zenfolio but wow 500px is *really* pretty. I'm flirting with trying to sell prints and products to the occasional customer than stumbles my way.

  7. I like it, given your caveat about identity. But I assume you would also get Google traffic and you want to be sure they know what are landing on. One typo - capitalize Beauty.

  8. I like the template it's one of the few that works OK on my laptop screen, the speed is great and the images are fantastic - I wonder if you can make a 500px set act like screen savers :) I could look at these images all day


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