Graffiti Wall Video. Austin, Texas. By Kirk Tuck

Untitled Project from Kirk Tuck on Vimeo.

Go to Vimeo via the link to see and HD version. This one is only 500 pixels wide.
Shot with the Sony RX10.

Happy Valentine's Weekend.


Frank Grygier said...

Very Cool! The RX10 makes a great reportage tool. I want to see more!

Kirk Tuck said...

Thanks Frank. I had a blast shooting editing this. The camera works great. Everything was handheld and a lot of it is at longer focal lengths.

Racecar said...

The video quality is very passable, and so is the sound. Story is interesting too. Thanks for the informative demonstration of the RX10's performance. Your ability to convey information is also represented here. In short I think you've found a rather capable tool in the RX10. Film students are salivating over the potential represented here in such a small package.

andrew said...


That's your voice?! You're a tenor, Man. I had imagined you as a baritone. Your voice is a tool; use it. Don't be skeered. The voice needs the same exercise as the swimmer's body, and the photograher's eye. Maybe more.


G Gudmundsson said...

I was watching the video in bed, on my PC, my wife minding her own business besides me, looking at shoes and real-estate on her iPad...

"What are you watching?" she says.

"A photo video" I say.

"The voice, it's so relaxing that it demands that you listen."

Dwight Parker said...

Someone important (you or one of your important clients) needs to petition the City and County to have the inmates add this spot to their litter pick-up detail in addition to their roadside pickups.

dave said...

I thought it was good. Interesting subject. You really dug into it.

A few minor criticisms:

-In the early part of the video I thought the panning was kind of fast. In a few cases switching between still shots might have been more effective.

-In a few places putting the camera on a tripod might have helped.

-Instead of doing everything from one perspective try switching back and forth between different angles. Watch the Daily Show or something similar and they jump between cameras every few seconds.

This can obviously be hard to do with a one man shop but it can really make videos pop.

Craig Yuill said...

This is really interesting. I like your handheld technique - no tripod is necessary. It is a style in keeping with the subject you were shooting - informal, casual. Alas, much of the footage doesn't look very smooth on my computer, but I think that is really my computer's way of saying "Upgrade me.". I like your photographs, but I'm up for seeing more of this kind of video work too.