April 30th. A walk in the morning with the Sony RX10 and a cheapo polarizer. Vanishing prints.

I've got to do some work for a client this afternoon so I decided to take a walk this morning. It was breezy and bright and surprisingly cool today. Interesting that all the shadows come from the other side when you walk in the morning instead of the afternoon. Things look different. 

I took along the camera that doesn't require me to make additional inventory decisions. Just the RX10 with its fixed lens. I added a cheap polarizer to the mix and polarized the hell out of everything I saw. Mostly just for fun. I could tell that the polarizer very subtly eroded the sharpness of the lens. 

When I got back to the studio I played around with some video files I shot riding up the escalators at the Hilton Hotel. Then I erased them. I looked at the bucket of images I shot and kept ten or so.


Marshall said...

That second image has a wonderful slightly twisted sense of scale. Love it.

Dave said...

Kirk you are a polarizing figure in the world of photography :)

If you put TWO filters on then you can be bipolarizing.

All kidding aside. Though theres an ND filter in that little beastie, I can see the usefulness of adding the PL filter to drop the shine off of stuff; so the degradation in sharpness is kind of a bummer.