Noellia Sideways.

Available light.

On my new sofa.

In the middle of the afternoon.


terryrogers said...

Lovely image of a lovely lady. Who is she, and what is she doing on your new couch in the middle of the afternoon??
Really like your work and your words. Thank you for doing what you do.
Have just started your novel and find that I am drawn to read it rather than what I should be reading. I think that is a compliment.
Also a D750/810 shooter, but find I am using my Fuji XT-1 more and more. Really good system.
Keep up the great work!
Terry Rogers

Anonymous said...

It was1976
Starland Vocal Band
"Afternoon Delight"
I don't think they were singing
about photos.

Michael Ferron said...

my spouse would hang me if I had attractive woman lying on the new couch. Way to go Kirk :)

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

Michael, How will you ever pursue your career as a fashion photographer? ;-)

Lenya R said...

Kirk, this is a very beautiful photograph. Can you explain why you left so much noise on the skin?
Typically there is much less noise in your portraits (I genuinely admire them very much). Why keep
it here? I suspect you hate such questions but please understand that some people here are trying to learn
from you. You owe nothing to anyone but if you would occasionally have time to tell us
how you made a portrait, from the lighting to the post-processing, and explain why you made some choices,
that would be a great lesson for some of us. Why not write a book on that? Neil vN does exactly that for flash,
and the two things we all know you do well are write and make portraits.