Calamari with Jalapeño Slices.

Shooting food is fun. Like doing a puzzle. A puzzle that falls apart after five or ten minutes.

lighting: Elinchrom Monolight with small beauty dish through two 4x4 foot Chimera diffusion (one stop) panels (side by side) on the left side. Elinchrom Monolight in a 2 by 3 foot softbox from the back of the set. Westcott FastFlags reflector panel as a passive fill to the right of the set.

camera: Sony a77 with 85mm f2.8 DT lens. 

Calamari: Devoured by photographer, assistant and art director after shooting.

See a collection of my food shots here: http://www.kirktuck.com/site/Food.html#grid


Tommy Williams said...

I have noticed that you have been doing your shoots lately with the big flash units rather than the LED panels. Have you soured on the LED panels or is there some other reason that you're back to using flash for food photography?

Anonymous said...

So it's OK to shoot food, if you don't use an iPhone???

Looks good enough to eat, so the client should be very happy.


kirk tuck said...

Thanks C.D.

Tommy, I have an art director I work with regularly who's spent the last 20 years art directing shoots with flash. That's what he knows. This is part of an extended project and his comfort level was higher with flash. In retrospect the shoot probably would have been easier with LED's. Just like the Nex-7 with the EVF it's so much easier pre-visualize the shot and control small lighting stuff with continuous lights.

Tommy Williams said...

Thanks. I just finished reading your LED lighting book and am starting to investigate the small panels to start with (the updated versions with the dialable color temperature). We enjoy cooking and it has always been such a pain--even with hotshoe flashes--to get things set up to make decent pictures of our creations. Our kitchen isn't huge, there's a big roof overhang outside our kitchen window, and we live in the Pacific Northwest where there just isn't that much natural daylight in big parts of the year anyway. I'm excited about the possibilities of one or two of those small panels, some tracing paper, and my collection of foam core boards.

Winwalloe said...

Jalepenos... Yummy ! I wish it was easier to find that here in Europe.

Anonymous said...


Mighty tasty dish there. You really know how to bring out the flavours in your food photography!

Anonymous said...

I love this shot. It seems controlled but loose. It's great.

Anonymous said...

Awesome shot of some really appealing looking cuisine. Was this taken with an iPhone 5?

kirk tuck said...

5.01 beta with FoodOgram 1.0.