Here's good philosophy for your business. For any business


I don't always agree with Seth Godin but this one is absolutely right on the money.

Below: An unrelated image just for fun...

This image was shot at used book store that no longer exists. It was taken with the first camera I ever bought for myself: A Canon Canonet QL 17. I may trade a lot of gear but I still have that camera from 1975.

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Steve J said...

No I don't agree altogether. Companies that are into commodity products are usually large enough to carry both loss leading lines and high margin profit cows. VW are a good example.

I do agree that if you are a one-man business, the only way to survive is to differentiate, to be special or add value or diversify. It's tough on your own, but simply cutting prices without reviewing and honing what you are offering to the market is pointless.