Sightseeing while on the job. Miami. South Beach.

I was providing photographic coverage of a conference in South Beach being held by Broadwing Communications, one of the casualties of the dot.com boom. In the three years that they plowed through billions of American dollars I went along for the ride. Once in a while I'd end up in a nice Hotel like the Delano wondering when the music would stop (literally and figuratively). After a busy morning of photographing executives addressing sales people in a conference room I had the afternoon off. I walked down the beach from the hotel and found some huge tents on the beach.

It was the annual Latin Fashion Festival. With a bag full of Leica R cameras and some really cool looking lenses, plus my ASMP membership card, I was quickly able to talk myself into a press pass and an "all access" pass. I stumbled around clicking away with reckless abandon.


Eventually my time was up. I trudged back for the evening conference activities. I changed from film to digital, took a shower and changed from casual to coat and tie and headed back down to another serious exposure to corporate culture. 

I liked shooting color negative film with my Leica R cameras and the fast lenses. One of my favorites was the 80mm Summilux. I also liked the 180 f2. Ektapress 400 was my film of choice.

On a totally different note: I'm taking a little time off. I'm chilling and then I'm traveling. I won't be posting anything new on the blog until Friday the 15th. In the interim there are over 1,400 blog posts on the site. Just find the icon on the right side of the screen that directs you to the archives by year. Reading past blogs is totally optional, there will be no test.

It would be lovely if you took advantage of the time off to click through one of the Amazon links below and load up your shopping cart with all kinds of really cool stuff. You know, like expensive cameras and multiple copies of my five books. I'll get a small commission from Amazon for your purchases and you'll get lots of cool stuff. It won't cost you any more to click through the site.

Hope I have a few pictures to share from Boston when I get back...


  1. be well chilled,
    have fun,
    safe trip!

  2. Huh, 180/2 and 80/1.4?

    Some leftovers from your film era? These are incredibly expensive today, especially 180/2 (bit like holy grail actually).

    Btw. you are aware you can use Leica R lens on A99, right? :)

    Nice portrait that first one..

  3. Great shots, I specially like the framing and the soft colors in the second shot. Yes, here we have art.
    PS: here we have art and as amateur I still have much to learn :-)


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