Dog in a guitar case. Sixth St. on Sunday.

I had to go to the downtown police station this afternoon to deliver some prints. On the way back toward west Austin I headed down Sixth St. to take in the sights/sites. I came across a young man leaning against the front wall of a bar not yet opened, playing his guitar. At his side was his guitar case and his young dog. She had curled up and fit exactly into the space made to hold the body of the guitar. At her head is a little metal cup filled to the brim with kibble. Just in front of the case is a collapsible water bowl filled with water.

I asked the guitarist if I could snap a few images of his friend with my little camera. He was delighted. He kept on strumming and humming while the shutter in my camera snicked away. The dog opened her eyes to make sure I wasn't a threat and then promptly went back to her nap. Her owner and I made some small conversation then I dropped a dollar into his guitar case and moved on.

Sony Nex 7. Kit lens. Jpeg. Black and White setting.


Michael Ferron said...

How come I don't see these things on 6th St?? This is a great shot.

Joel Wolford said...

Have to agree, Michael. This is a wonderful photograph.



Andre said...

Truly a superb shot. And a lovely animal.

Anonymous said...

Simple and nice, great.

Anonymous said...

The NEX7 is a great camera. I own one and,yet, somehow convinced myself that I just had to have an XE1 to go along with it-you know, to complete my arsenal. Turns out, I returned the XE1 after a week. I may not need another camera. How scary is that?


Kirk Tuck said...

Wayne, I kept looking at the XE-1 until I found a cheap, used second Nex-7. It's an amazing camera system once the price wears off....

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