After years as a medium telephoto curmudgeon I am grudgingly coming to love walking with a wide angle zoom lens. Either my vision is getting wider or my selection of subjects is shifting...

I love the aluminum canoes. They remind me of Summer camp at Camp Carter in Ft. Worth, Texas.
We did an overnight canoe trip and my partner and I managed to capsize our canoe in the middle of the lake. We used what we learned in canoe class to right it but most of our possessions drifted slowly to the bottom of the lake. It was a chilly night camping out but everyone chipped in something; a shirt, a blanket, etc. and we made it through okay. 

The canoes above are from the Zilker Park trail that runs next to the stream connecting the pool to the city's central lake (which is really a part of the Colorado River....).

Nikon D610+Tamron 20-40mm zoom lens.

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Frank Gorga said...


"...our possessions floated slowly to the bottom of the lake."

Me thinks that said possessions sunk slowly! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Look like fish. Nice story too.

I've just picked up a 9-18mm lens for my Oly, and am enjoying using it a lot.


bill pearce said...

Not sure who said this, but I think it was one of the Capa's: If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough.

You're headed the right direction.