So. I bought a new video camera. It also does stills. It's the Sony a6300. I shot some casual test video today in full sun. Go see it.

Sony a6300 shooting 4K in Super 35 mode 100 mbs. S-Log 2. from Kirk Tuck on Vimeo.
I just got the a6300 on Friday and wanted to see what the 4K video was all about. I shot some sample footage in direct, full sun. I graded it quickly in FCPX and uploaded as 1080.

If you want to see a high res version of this go to vimeo and see it there. You are limited here to 800 px wide but there you can see it in 1920 px.

This is my first time to play with S-Log 2 and 4K together. I'm still in the early part of the learning curve but the ability to hold both highlights and shadows on the canoes is pretty impressive to me.

The a6300 is too small but the EVF is great and it shoots really good stills and video. Short wish list? Headphone jack. Long wish list? Taller body and a better manual.

I've shot 2,000 frames with the camera so far and twenty or thirty short segments of video. So far, so good. More to come.

Disclosure: bought with Kirk's cash. No Sony sponsorship whatsoever. Early days with the camera. More to come as I get used to holding it. The camera it most reminds me of? The Leica/Minolta CL. 


Michael Matthews said...

Looks like good detail. I'm not familiar with most of the terms applied to today's video. What is Super 35 mode? How does that relate to the 1920 X 1080p image?

Once you've had a chance to become more familiar with the camera I'm sure a lot of readers will be interested in your comparison / contrast to the EM5 II as a video production tool. Image stabilization, quality of video on-screen (both monitor and 1080p TV set). A wealth of blog postings await.

dasar photography said...

Yes Kirk, we are eagerly waiting for one of your reviews of this camera, given also that you know how the Olympus cameras work.
Take your time

BPete said...

Hello Kirk,

Ok .... a new camera, ah ... good,but hey I was just spending way more time with my RX10 II and yikes, why the a6300 when the RX10 II is doing 4K and we haven't explored that in log yet? Ok-ok, more cameras I'm good with it, so how about a side by side with the RX10 II maybe. :)

steveH said...

Is that cicadas noising in the background audio?

We officially hate you: it's snowing up here in central Minnesota today.

The video looks pretty darn good, though.

Michael Matthews said...

Seen on my 27-inch iMac it looks even better than last night's first view on the iPad. That tilt-down shot from wide view of canoes moving to the very tip of one (presumably almost at your feet) was most impressive. No loss of focus, no hunting. And it's so consistently smooth I can't even tell if there's zoom action involved. Do elaborate.

The running path shots done with a different video mode setting don't hold up as well: loss of detail on moving figures and a bit of blowout on the white shirt. But the detail in the foliage still is still good.

Still fixated on the EM5 II comparison question (yes, to be resolved later) how do the two EVFs stack up?

Nigel Hodges said...

Hi Kirk
Reading this post makes me realise how little I know about making video....but I would like to know more and have started reading up on it.
How about some posts on video like the post on getting the best out of a one inch sensor camera? Talking of which, as this category is growing, do the Nikon DLs interest you?