Sorry for the postus interruptus this morning. False start.

Ann Richards ©1994 Kirk Tuck

I worked late last night photographing the new play about Ann Richards that's opening at Zach Theatre this week. Usually I can post fun images from the play the day after I shoot them but this production is different and my public relations manager asked me not to post images until after they are approved by the production company. I started to post one image from last night and quickly removed it when I got the e-mail from P.R.  Too bad, because I wanted to show off the capabilities of the new Sony a6300 as I experienced them on a real job.

Instead, I thought I'd go straight to the original source and show a photograph I did of the real Gov. Ann Richards, right in front of the Texas Capitol, holding a bouquet of yellow roses.

I'll share the production photos from the play when we get the green light.

Hope your week is off to a great start.


By the way, the play should be a great experience, especially for people who were active in Austin and Texas politics in the early 1990's. What a time!

Additional edit at 4:04pm. I dug around and found the original, full frame version of the above image and I like it even better than the cropped one. Here it is:


Gary said...

Thank you for remembering Ann Richards. De-evolution: Richards to Perry to Abbot (not to mention Ted Cruz). Will Texas see the like of her again?

Gato said...

Texas used to have some really classy - and sassy - politicians. Where did we go wrong?

Jeremy Pardoe said...

I always enjoy dropping in. I admire your tenacity.....Jeremy.