Snapseed for the Mac Desktop. Is it art? No. Is it fun. Sometimes.

When used as a quick contrast, brightness, contrast, etc. and sharpening tool, Snapseed works about as well as iPhoto or any of a large number of simple image tools you'll find on the web.  The magic is supposed to happen with the filters.  They have names like "Grunge" and "Drama" and "Vintage" and "Tilt and Shift."  They do most of the trendy stuff you'll see on the web.  I gave it a spin this evening.  While it's fun and makes stuff look different it's canned so eventually the effects will get old.  That shouldn't keep you from having fun.  Afterall, it's only $20.

I'll run the effects by the art directors who deserve them.

But once you've found a cute model.  Found a cute dress.  Gotten her on the floor with her legs in the air, you've really done all the hard work.  Why give a boxed software effect all the credit?

I'll keep it.  But like cheap alcohol I'll use it sparingly.


Wolfgang Lonien said...

Noellia! Well she's indeed a great and cute model - and as I learned lately, she graduated and is an artist herself now. Good for her; I'm glad.

But those other portraits are good as well (love the second one) - even Snapseed couldn't destroy your good work.

stefano60 said...

"I'll run the effects by the art directors who deserve them."

classic! i think that says it all :-)

p.s.: the model looks indeed more than just 'cute'!

Unknown said...

Well put. I'll use the same preset in Lightroom pretty often, but I always try to change the image more after clicking the preset...lest everything start looking the same and lame.

Libby said...

When you start writing HDR tutorials, then I'll worry. For now you're safe.

The Snap and hdr stuff have their place, but I don't need to see every image that was mucked with. Surprisingly I bought the Topaz Labs plugins back a little while ago. But I find I use them more for minor custom adjustments than the faux artsy fartsy stuff.

Paul said...

So where do you stand on E-PLx art filters - ie in camera processing?
I took a couple of photos recently using E-PL2 with art filter with no post processing and a couple of photos wih a Canon and processed using HDR - end result very similar, similarity with reality - low, similarity between what I produced and image I envisioned some where between the two extremes.