Sometimes we just take a photograph because it feels right.

The intersection of my dining room 
wall and the floor.  

We love to talk about gear so much it's easy to forget how important it is, every once in a while, to just put down the test chart mindset and look around at the world.  I was under the weather last week so when I got bored I puttered around the house and looked at what the insides looked like in the middle of the day.   I like the way the reflections from the sun on the tiles cast cool swirls into the middle tone shadows on the wall.  But I also liked the strong shadows on either side.  


Jim said...

That reminds me of an interview Charlie Rose did with Cartier-Bresson. Charlie asked how he chose the moment to make a photograph. Answer - "The geometry was right".

Great geometry in this one.

Robert said...

My girlfriend would roll her eyes at this post. Every now and then she catches me staring at the wall, watching a shadow or beam of light dance like I used to when I was a kid, poking around with my sister's 110. My camera's gotten heavier and costs more than I ever thought I'd spend on one, but all that doesn't matter a bit. The feeling's the same.

Goff said...

Kirk, the more I look at and enjoy your pictures, the more I think of Irving Penn. Is he one of your heroes? Goff

typingtalker said...

It's only the shadow that gives it away -- the 90 degree intersection.

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...


You mean there ARE photographers who AREN"T big fans of Irving Pen? Are they blind?