Just another day.

 Sony a77 with 16-50mm 2.8

I flipped my day upside down.
I slept in late.
I skipped my swim.
I avoided my office. 
I saddled up my car and flowed into downtown.
I got a breakfast taco and some coffee.
I talked to a nice person I'd never met before.
She's has a business importing and selling Fair Trade
fashion accessories from third world countries.
We had fun talking about advertising and photography.
Then I went for a walk.

Whose flowers?
They were on the sidewalk just south of the grocery store.
I was going to pick them up but I didn't know what I'd do with them.
I photographed them, wondered who they were intended for 
and then shrugged and walked off.

I finished drinking my coffee in the middle of the bridge.
I looked for a trash can.  There wasn't one.
I decided to photograph my empty coffee up with Shoal Creek in the 
background.  I love the out of focus background.
I picked up my cup and went on looking for a trash can.
The coffee was from Mexico.  At least that's what the little sign next 
to the coffee pot

Every downtown business is stocking up for SXSW.
The chubby guys with the black button down shirts
under black sports coats worn over black jeans have landed from the 
coasts.  Their eyeglasses are geometric and 
fashion forward.  They all dress the same.
When all glasses are fashion forward......

I hadn't seen a Yumi Ice Cream Truck before.
I loved the product illustrations on the sides.
The swirl cone looks incredible
the Håagen-Dazs looks really rich.
A nice burst of color on a grey and misty day.

I've finally figured out how to do a 100% crop.
Now all the people who must know will be able to know.
This is the window at Estillo. 
They sell "fashion." 
It looks like clothes to me.

The top one is 100% the bottom one is full frame.

"I hate EVFs.  If XXXXX camera company switches to them I'm 
switching to YYYYYY."
"I love EVFs.  I'm selling all the cameras I own that don't have EVF's."  
I love the middle ground.  I get to shoot with both.
Switching is fun.  Even chocolate pudding would get boring
if I had it at every meal...

Sometimes I really want chocolate mousse. 

"Are you from out of town?"  "No we're just heading out for lunch. We live here."
"Can I take your picture?  Would you squinch a little closer together?"
"Me?  Yeah, I live here too.  I'm just talking a day off to do my hobby."
"Have fun!"  "You too!"
(And don't forget to dial in a stop of exposure compensation for that bright sky
 in the  background. Got it.)  

At some point, for some people, life is all about disk golf.
That's a great collection of disks.  Some go left and some go right.
Some go straight ahead.  A man's got to use the right tool for each throw.
I used my zoom lens.

This is the guy who owns the brightly colored disks above.
This is Trevin.  He's in radio.  He does a show 
on 101x every night from 6 to 10 pm.
He was going to hide the cigarette but I liked the "retro" 
charm.  Thanks for posing!
I made him black and white to offset the color from the disks.

I found this fellow at the Belmont.  It's a popular restaurant and bar
on West Sixth Street.
He's re-wiring the whole place.  And he's an electrician.
Isn't that an amazing yellow door in the background?
I don't think he had anything to do with that.
I felt a little guilty since he seemed to be working hard 
and I was just out walking around with a camera
being a tourist in my own town.

I was walking around with a Sony a77 camera and the big, honking
16-50mm f2.8 zoom lens.

You shouldn't be surprised since I talked about that camera
last year.  It's been out of stock forever because of the floods in Thailand.
Did I mention that I really like EVFs?

It's a nice camera.  If you need one with lots and lots of resolution you might consider it.
If you need a camera that takes Canon or Nikon lenses it's probably not a good choice....

Also, I've read but haven't tested this for myself, some testers say that the files are noisier by a stop than other cameras in its class.  I wouldn't know.  I was shooting at ISO 200 most of the time.
I'm getting ready to do a shot in the studio at ISO 50.  I've heard that the 
Dynamic Range at that setting is pretty darn amazing.

But I'm sure I'll show you what turns out for me in due time.

Don't buy this camera just because I did.
I have a long history of buying strange gear.

Mellow Kirk signing off.

Post note 5:11 PM same day:  It's dark and grey and raining here and getting colder by the minute.  What a wonderful time to be in the studio, looking west out my wall of windows and working on a book.  The glow of my laptop screen tanning my face, and my mind churning out little plot points and descriptions.  Beats the hell out of working.


  1. Just a note: The m4:3rds cameras are more fun to carry around...

  2. Hi kirk - love reading your daily updates. When you mention using the A77 in the studio, is that going to be under continuous lighting? I heard DSLT's are adverse to being used under normal studio strobes etc? How do you work around this? Keep shooting mate...

  3. I'm a little concerned about what may have been in that coffee from Mexico.

  4. Whatever was in the coffee seems to be good stuff. Nice post.

  5. You seem to have had a fun day with just another excellent camera. Aren't they all these days?

  6. I really love this post. It's a nice change of pace. Are you going to do any video with the A77?

  7. Yes. Thank you. The coffee tasted a bit funny but it made me feel really good. I plugged my Elinchrom flash into the PC socket on the side of the camera and everything worked just like all my other cameras. Manual everything. All happy.

    And, all cameras are good now. That puts the onus of quality back upon the user...

  8. I Love mellow Kirk. I sometimes miss mellow Kirk.

  9. Kirk will recover from mellowness. He is resilient.

  10. Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. would be proud of you.

  11. Mellow Kirk, I am in shock. Just as you tell us all (again) not to get so bothered about gear you imbibe and buy into yet another new system! lol I can't really have a go, I'm just as bad myself. Tempted to buy an Oly E-3 at the minute, the wife has threatened divorce so the camera purchase is winning so far! :-)

  12. Just playing around with the a77 in my role as a photography writer. A system connotes so much more. Brace yourself, I'll also be reviewing a Sony Nex 7 this month but that's a loaner.

    When you're truly mellowed-out all cameras come to you in due time.

  13. Nex Seven
    Quite Rightly
    Nex Seven
    Quite Rightly

  14. Hey I got up feeling quite moody but your post has made the day seem so much better . I've made a couple of nice prints this morning, it's a sunny blue sky day and I'm off out to get a haircut . Thanks Kirk !

  15. Kirk! Nice meeting you today. Good times! My blog link-



  16. A wonderful post, Kirk.
    Such control of pace, an intoxicating tempo.
    Contemplative in tone, and reminiscent of the state I enter into during my most pleasurable photo wanders.
    Austin seems a swell city for such jaunts.
    I was there in 2008, visiting an old school friend.
    I surely do miss him.

  17. Kirk, Lucky you! You got out just before the COLD returned to the the state. Just as wet winter type weather returned to west Texas yesterday, I received a UPS box with a LN Mamiya RZ Pro II medium format camera outfit. Can't wait to jaunt out to try it, but the rains may hold me back for at least a day. I hope to do some wandering around handheld shooting to see just how sharp the lens is. Can't wait to see those big negatives on my scanner.

  18. I ran into Alex downtown today. It was fun. Look up three comments above and find his link. His street photos are really good.

    Thanks for sharing Alex!

    1. Much appreciated Kirk. Your street photo post about a week ago got me stepping up and putting more skin in my game. Thanks again for the praise from Ceasar :)

  19. Frank.....absolutely love the Donovan reference.


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