Not Exactly a Portrait But One of My Favorite Working Shots.

Quick shot of a sweet kid in a CT Scanner.

Even though it's not a portrait I've always liked this shot. I took it a few years ago with a Nikon D2x (how did we ever survive with only 12 megapixels???) and a 17-55mm lens.  I lit the image by placing four slaved hot shoes flashes in various spots around the room.  All the flashes are aimed toward the ceiling except for the one in the far background.  It's feathered down to light the doors and wall behind the people.  We didn't spend a lot of time on the shot.  We had dozens to do that day.  But the interaction between the nurse in the blue scrubs and the little girl is great.

With the soft light from the flashes bouncing off the ceiling not much post processing was required.  

Just another day at the "office."  I love location shoots.  They move fast.  They require quick problem solving and you get to use lots of what you've learned to make it all appear easy for the rest of the people involved.


  1. Kirk, if you were to do this again today, would you still use the Speedlites, or would you take your LED panels for the lighting?

  2. What I like about you Kirk is you shoot real people, not models.

    And you capture personality and feeling, not just a pretty face.

  3. Back in the mid '90s I worked as a photo researcher at a medical stock house (cmsp.com). I could have sold the heck out of this one. I could probably do it today, you just wouldn't make near as much, unfortunately.


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