Canon versus Nikon? Not here.

People are, by nature, contentious. Love to argue. Love to be right. That's the basis of all the binary arguments. Nikon versus Canon. Democrat versus Republican. Each side clings to the idea that they are irreproachably right and the other side is delusional. Even though I know who is right and I am as political as everyone else out there it is a major point of pride here at the Visual Science Lab that we have had no politically charged blog entries and no nasty comment/squabbles.  And that's not going to change today.

I hope everyone votes. I hope my guy wins because I think I know best. But you've got to love the process and the passion.

To our extra-American readers I presume that the billion dollar election marathon looks crazy. I mean, how many really cool cameras could you buy with that kind of money? But it's always been a bit crazy it's just that our whole circus is much better broadcast these days. The correct way to look at all the expenditures is to see it as a big economic stimulus for the media and advertising industries. I'm sure it adds some percentage to our GDP.

So, which camera company is better? Canon or Nikon? The real answer? Neither! Sony will trounce them all......(kidding).

Have fun out there. Today we make some more history. Take a camera with you. We might as well document it.


David I said...

Glad I voted early! They wouldn't allow you to use electronic equipment near the polling booths, had to close my iPad.

Keith I. said...

I had my cell on in the booth so I could check my notes and reminders. Early voted in Galveston Co.

George said...

A spanish reader here,
let's see what's going up around the elections. I'm not very informed about things going on US, though.

As of Canon/Nikon debate, ugh, I have been more of an olympus guy, heh. Many people fiercely discuss their choice of camera brand against other. In some cases to an extremist position...
As of the billion dollar marathon, that's quite some film & cameras!

Andrea Costa said...

Aftr an acquaintance saw my photos and asked why M43 and not Canon or Nikon I answered that I can spend less time arguing about the relative merits and more actually going outside and MAKING photos.
BTW Just to start a flame war, I used borrowed equipment from both camps and I find it completely swappable. So I still don't understand what the fuss is all about...