Pedi-cab on Congress Ave.

Just a grab shot while walking along Congress Ave. yesterday with a Sony a77 camera set to black and white, and a 70mm Sigma 2.8 macro lens clamped onto the front. I enjoy using the a77 as a black and white camera because the image preview that I see, real time, in the finder, shows me exactly how the image will render when I push the button. I like that. Much better than looking at a color image, trying to imagine it in 2-D and then trying to imagine how it will look after the monochrome filtering.

Also, I think the Sony does well with the skin tones in black and white.


  1. The Sony's native B&W looks good.....interesting photograph as well. Nicely caught. Do you adjust the in-cam contrast settings when shooting in monochrome mode? I remember using an oly c740 with an evf, and making good use of the exp. comp adjustment to get just the exposure and look that I wanted, usually a little underexposed w/ that particular camera. Didn't even have to take my eye away from the finder. One of the reasons I'm looking at getting an OMD or similar.

  2. I dig this. You do the B&W so well.

  3. I love the fact that you are shamelessly fine with in-camera JPGs! Thank you for the voice of reason ...

  4. I'm a big fan of shooting in RAW+JPG so I get the raw file to process while having the B&W viewfinder. Most of my shooting with the Nex 7 is done with an old 28mm f/2 Ai'd Nikkor and I find focus peaking much easier to do in B&W.

    One nice thing with the RAW+JPG is sometimes a shot begs to be kept in color:



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