One additional note about my Studio Portrait Lighting Class at Craftsy.com...

Since I am an instructor I am able to offer my Visual Science Lab followers the class at a 25% discount.
If you click through this link you'll get the discounted price: Kirk's Studio Portrait Lighting Class.

Thanks, Kirk

Studio Portrait Lighting


  1. Signed up last night and sat down with a good cup of coffee to go through lesson 1. Terrific so far. I've already learned a few things. I'm taking notes as I go along. Really, for the price it's a complete no brainer. It's literally the cost of one night out to the movies, or a couple of visits to your local drive-thru. This is exactly what I needed at this point in my journey as a photographer. If you are at all interested in portraiture you should sign up. They also have courses in landscape photography and photography using speed lights I think. This turned out really well Kirk. From one teacher to another, congrats on a good course. Your demeanour in front of the camera is very natural and relaxed, making learning and absorbing the ideas rather easy. It's talking about photography really, in a very real and normal way. I'm looking forward to the rest of the course.

  2. Being a curious sort of person, I modified the link from this...


    to this...


    But the package didn't become a free course on studio-lighting. There was a cute kitten though.

    I will soon be a customer too :)

  3. I ordered to early :-( Didnt get the oppertunity for the discount. Great cource so far about 2/3 done now. Will post a review on google +

  4. Looks great Kirk - all I need now is a studio...


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