Sometimes life looks stranger through the lens.

After lunch I took a walk in the park.

It was hot so I lingered under the bridge for a few moments.

When I walked out the other side I found rocks stacked like skinny pyramids.

Organic Eiffel Towers.

Millions of years of erosion.

And I could swear they were multiplying before my eyes.

I looked around and there was a field of carefully stacked rocks.

It was a total denial of entropy.

Or a nod to the notion that there are patterns within chaos.

I walked back to my car. No rocks followed me.


  1. Poetic. Why I enjoy your blog so much.

  2. Worth a look: http://www.gravityglue.com/

  3. Sedona has a large beach along Oak Creek filled with visitor made cairns, some of them quite artistic. The local name for the beach is Buddha Beach.


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