It must be something in the air. Here's what Zack Arias has to say about sensor size this morning..... It's a good read.


Zach is a photographer in Atlanta. His written work is fun, high energy and occasionally bombastic. I love it when we're on the same page.

Go read and enjoy.

Happy Monday.

(Thanks to Jean Marc Schwartz for pointing me to Zach's current blog post!).


Jean Marc Schwartz said...

You're welcome Kirk. In France, we are used to say, " when great minds think alike "

Happy week.

Anonymous said...

Yes, must be something in the pollen in the Austin air. I wonder what's with this recent obsession with sensor sizes? The perpetual sensor debate will carry on with or without you ad infinitum. Why does it matter, anyway?

Now that we're (hopefully) done with the sensor size issue, can we now move on to more interesting topics, please?

Or in fact, move back to more interesting and inspiring topics.

Noons said...

Another sensor size jihad!...
Quite frankly, isn't it time folks GREW UP?

Look: the VAST majority of photos taken worldwide came out of cellphone cameras with umpteen megapixels and a 1/8"sq sensor. They are so totally out of focus, shaky, with horrible contrast and colour balance they rival the worst ever produced by p&s cameras of the film era!

Has that ever stopped those photos from scarring everyone's sensibilities in Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etcetc, at 900X400 pixels?

Does ANYONE still think that sensor size is such a big issue?