The Camera Store (you know, Chris and Jordan...) got robbed over the weekend.

One of our readers just sent me this posting:

It would help our local camera store a lot if you could pass this on.

The Camera Store had a break and enter early in the morning on December 16th, 2017. A selection of high-end specialty cameras and lenses were stolen including: 
Hasselblad X1D camera body silver #UQ27014288
Hasselblad XC 30mm F3.5 lens #2WV10784
Hasselblad XC 45mm F3.5 lens #2UVT10447
Hasselblad XC 90mm F3.5 lens #2VVT10265

Leica MP Safari Edition #09008593
This theft seems very targeted since specific items were taken. We hope that someone in the local photo community will hear something about this.

We are offering a $5000 TCS shopping spree for any information that leads to a conviction.

Please call police at 403-266-1234 or if you wish to remain anonymous call crime stoppers at 1-800-222-8477

Police case #17539052
The store is located (I think) in Calgary, Canada. 
If someone offers you some mint in box used Hasselblad or Leica gear you might want to ask for the serial numbers before before you crack open your vault and drag out your credit card...
See their really, really good videos here:


  1. This is a real shame! One of my city's well-respected bricks and mortars camera stores was a victim of theft and fraud on a number of occasions. Throughout the 1990s the outside of the store started to more and more resemble a fortress. This was due to someone using a truck and a chain to pull down part of the front of the store. During the same time period, dealing with their rentals department involved more- and more-elaborate ID verification. (Apparently one "renter" came in and rented over $20000 in gear, left the city, and was never seen again.) The store eventually got rid of its rentals department. They also got rid of their used-camera section, which I am assuming happened because they were surreptitiously being used to "fence" gear. I noted that the b&m store that I normally do business with these days recently adopted a policy of waiting one month after taking in a lens as a trade in from one customer before actually selling the lens to another customer. I am assuming that this was done in order to check that the gear hadn't been stolen, thus preventing unsavoury types from trading that stolen gear.

    This is a rather sad state of affairs. I wonder how huge mail-order companies like Amazon and B&H must deal with this sort of thing when they don't see any customers face to face.

  2. Looks like the two criminal masterminds have been apprehended:


    Kijiji is a Canadian equivalent to Craiglist, by the way.



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