Going Shopping with a Camera in my Hands. Looking for Color, Texture and Grooviness. Sony Nex 7+ 35mm DT


Anonymous said...

Hi Kirk,

I've really been enjoying your musings the past few months. I'm a teacher on assignment in Malaysia and surfing the net to get the latest on photography keeps me sane. After years in this hobby I find that very few photographers really concentrate on the art of taking photos and talking about photos themselves and instead get bogged down with talk about gear and other distractions. Just going out to shoot then picking the good ones is enough for me.

Here is a link to my blog:


I'd appreciate any feedback you have. I'm just an enthusiast but that doesn't stop me from taking shots and putting down my thoughts about them.



Corwin said...

Yea, just 10k more pics and good EVF and I will be able to compose that good too.

Or not.. :D

arg said...

I went shopping with my camera once and promptly got told how I was violating company policy. It was a short assignment!