Jennifer. Triathlete. Mamiya 6 Camera.

 Jennifer on the Greenbelt. 

Someone recently asked me how to source models for personal photo projects. There are a number of ways. You could be rich and offer people lots of money to pose for you, or you could actively participate in things you are genuinely interested in and, over time, become friends with the people around you. Then you can ask your friends to pose for you. 

Jennifer is a triathlete. Our intersection is swimming. Over time she became a close friend of our family and, for a while, looked after Ben from time to time. Asking her to go to the Greenbelt for a photo session was as natural as asking a good friend out for coffee. The more genuine and authentic the relationship the more fun you will have, and the more interesting your photographs might be.

One of the original Craftsy Photo Classes and 
still one of the best! 

I met Lance a couple of weeks ago in Denver
and found him to be really fun and knowledgeable 
this class reflects what he teaches in hands-on
workshops in Ireland and Iceland, as well as 
cool places around the U.S.

How to make what we shoot into a cohesive
train of visual thought.


Mike said...

One of a long list of cameras I always wanted to try but never got around to it.

Anonymous said...

Such a simple photo...and it tells a big story. Thanks!


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