Random Image from a trip to Rome.

Everyone stood around waiting for the Ferraris to roar through town. It was the annual day when the Ferrari owners from all over the country converged on Rome to show off their cars and socialize with each other. I was walking near the Spanish Steps with a Nikon F100 and an 85mm 1.4. I clicked a quick shot onto Kodak T-Max 400 CN and moved on. The day was rainy and warm. The cars were beautiful. The people more so.


Peter said...

Was that the same trip to Rome that you took your Hasselbald? An F100, and a Hassy – and an M3 to come home to! Not a menu in sight, no chimping. Far more fun all round.


Mike Rosiak said...

It's good to be reminded of the nice things that film could do. Kind of like going back to your record collection, and listening to some old favorite LP's.

Claire said...

That woman certainly is a masterpiece, and you captured her perfectly. Thanks for sharing.