Imagine shooting concerts at ISO 400 with a manual focus 50mm lens and no meter in your camera. Imagine it was more fun.

Alanis Morrisette at Liberty Lunch in Austin, Texas. Shot with a Leica M3 rangefinder camera, 50mm Summicron, on Tri-X. Nothing fancy. Just roll after roll of well exposed, in focus images. And, bonus: it's in black and white.  © 2014 Kirk Tuck, All Rights Reserved.


  1. isn't it Ironic don't you think...........

    sorry couldn't resist. nice photo

  2. Terrific shot! Although not exactly the same, just this last Friday I shot a youth theatre performance with a Leica M9 and a 50mm 1.5 C-Sonnar. Wide open, 1/30 at ISO 640. And, converted the shots to black and white in post.

    Always enjoy your posts, Kirk. Thank you!

  3. I confess I can't imagine. I am always amazed at the photos that can be got (like your accompanying shot) at a concert but I know I likely wouldn't have any. For one I would have been too stingy with the film. I was fairly impressed with some I got at a recent concert with my little Sony RX100MK2.

  4. Nice photo, but as we all can see it is just an approximation of the real b/w produced by a Leica Monochrom. Perhaps scanning the negative and working for some time in postproduction would have reached a level similar to a proper digital shot, but I commend the effort nonetheless. :)

  5. I feel somehow spoiled with all the high iso capabilities fuzz of the newest cameras. It is a good experience to work with fast lenses (i use the sonnar 50mm 1.5 as well) and film.
    Thousands of photographers felt quite nornal to shoot 25 ASA BW film, because it was the fastest film available.
    Last week I shot my first roll of 25 ASA film and it was quite impressive what you can achieve by using proper techniques. So for me I don not longer care about ISO 65000 ... Thank you for sharing Kirk !


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