A very well done blog post (also available as a podcast) from Mats Andrén called "Five Thoughts on Being a Photographer.


I liked reading this and enjoyed it even more when I went back and listened to Mr. Andrén present it via his podcast.

Andrén is a photographer and a walker and right now he's walking across the U.S. He should be in Austin by the end of the month and I am looking forward to having lunch, dinner, coffee or whatever he would like in order to spend some time with him and listen to his stories.

Andrén got in touch with me because of the blog and it's one of the wonderful benefits, to me, of throwing the doors of my mind open to the world. Sometimes (usually) you get some great stuff back.
I hope Mats has some images of the American South he wants to share with me...

Please enjoy his blog post while Belinda and I spend the day uploading the novel to Amazon.com and getting all the kinks worked out so you can really enjoy it.

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