Heat Wave. Texas Summer Finally Arrived.

After a much wetter than average Spring we're on record for one of our driest Julys. As of last week the first big high pressure system rolled in and it's been driving out clouds and driving up temperatures every day. Yesterday it was over 100 and now the weather people are forecasting afternoon temperatures over 102(f) for the foreseeable future.

Funny thing is that I've been booked on more outdoor shoots than anything else for the last month. Some of them are executive portrait assignments and so far we haven't lost anyone from the heat. I try to get to locations by 7 am and get set up and ready to work by 8 am. Most shoots don't go much
past noon which still means that we're loading up sandbags and gear in the hottest part of the day.

It's times like this that I envy the still life shooters all nestled into their chilly still life shooting caves with the air conditioners throbbing and the music pounding.

Our mantra for shooting exterior in the Summer is: Stay hydrated. Stay in the shade. Carry less stuff on each trip to the and from the car. Wear your hat. Keep some sunscreen in the camera bag. Keep light color "hats" on the cameras when not in use. Go home early. A couple weeks of the high pressure system and we'll be back to normal.

To the above list of "survival tips" I'll also add: Wooden tripods, no black light stands, umbrellas can be used to create shade. More water. And, stay in good shape.

Hope you are staying cool....


Fred said...

It's a little cooler here in upstate New York than Texas, but temps around 90 and high humidity make it seem like you have to go into the shower to dry off.

Wally said...

what was the name/brand of the shirt you posted about a few years Go that you use in the hot Austin summer?

Unknown said...

In our area of North Dakota we have had a number of mid to high 80 degree days and even one in the 90's so far this summer. Warm night in the 50's and low 60's make for some nice and comfortable forays photographing Northern Lights.