Just a few more photos of "Sophisticated Ladies" from Zach Theatre in Austin, Texas.

Jennifer Halliday on the Topfer Stage at Zach Theatre in Austin, Texas

I really enjoy photographing live theater. The stages and performances are usually beautifully lit by premier lighting designer, Michelle Habeck and that's such an important part of the success of the photos. Then there is the hard work of set designing which was done in Sophisticated Ladies by J. Aaron Bell. I have to credit the action/choreography to Dominique Kelley and the costume design to Susan Branch Towne. Takes a real collaboration to make this all work well for the photographer. And, of course, for the audience. 

There are so many other people involved but these are the ones that make the visual stuff shine and that's the biggest help when it comes to getting good photographs for publicity.

I shot these images with the Nikon D810 and the older, push/pull version of the 80-200mm f2.8 D lens. I've pixel dived down to 100% and I must say that not only is the D810 an impressive performer but so is the ancient lens I've put on the front of the camera. 

If you live in Austin and love live theater this play/musical is another one to love.


Michael Gatton said...

Nice work! I'm curious how much you adjust the color/light in post (or pre-). I know the colors in theater are quite consciously/intentionally modified and sometimes garish even, but how well does that translate to the sensor - in other words, how much does the camera exaggerate or understate those colors?

Steve Mack said...

OK, I'll bite. Does the production have music from Duke Ellington? I'm thinking of the song "Sophisticated Lady.

With best regards,


Kirk Tuck said...

Steve, yes. All Duke Ellington.

Wayne said...

Do you use a tripod or monopod when doing your stage work?

Thanks, Wayne

Kirk Tuck said...

Hi Wayne,
I've tried different supports but now I'm always handholding.

Wayne said...

Thank you Kirk, I appreciate your prompt response. I really enjoy your postings. For the record, I enjoy the non gear posts more than the gear posts.